Lysacek and the Lakers make for fast friends

You wouldn't think that basketball and figure skating have anything in common. Outside of constant jumping, you'd be right. Nonetheless, Evan Lysacek has been training alongside the Los Angeles Lakers, and because of that, he and they have formed a bond.

After Lysacek's graduated from high school in Illinois, he moved to California to train. Thanks to coach Frank Carroll, Lysacek began practicing at the Toyota Sports Center, the training facility used by the Los Angeles Lakers and the NHL's Los Angeles Kings. Soon Lysacek was using the gym and weight room when the Lakers weren't.

It wasn't long after that that Lysacek began garnering respect from the basketball players. Yahoo! Sports' Martin Rogers caught up with Lamar Odom and Jordan Farmar.

"We have seen him and we know about what he does,” said Lamar Odom, whom Lysacek lists along with [Kobe] Bryant as his favorite sportsmen. “As an athlete you can respect excellence in any sport and the level of dedication and preparation it takes to be one of the best." ...

"He is a strong guy,: Lakers guard Jordan Farmar said. "He gets pretty good air on those jumps."

For his part, Lysacek says training at the same complex as the NBA champions is "pretty inspirational" and that "seeing people excel at what they do because of the hard work they put in is good for you mentally."

After a disappointing fourth at the Turin Games, Lysacek can draw inspiration from the Lakers. It took them a second shot before they got their title, and this is his second Olympics. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a Hollywood ending.