Looking for Olympic mittens, size XXXXL? Look no more

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- The red Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens are, as you know, the must-have souvenirs of the Winter Games. It's getting harder and harder to find sizes like small and medium at local shops; we can only assume it's darn near impossible to find ones the size of a car door.

This hockey nut was in Section 118 of Hockey Place for the Russia/Slovakia game on Thursday night wearing gigantic mittens -- cut out of foam, spray-painted red and with the Olympic rings on one side and a white maple leaf on the other, just like the genuine article.

He slapped hands, danced around, and clapped. Oh, did he clap.

He said it took one and a half hours to create them. Why make them? His answer: "Because it's Fancouver, baby."

We applaud his efforts. With much, much, much smaller hands.

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