Update: London's Olympic mascots are still terrifying

Remember those two creepy-looking mascots for the London Olympics? They're back in a new video aimed to kick-start merchandise sales of the 2012 Games, which are a little more than 500 days away.

Watch as Wenlock and Mandeville spy on children's bedrooms, play murderball, shove a fallen hurdler in the rear, drive on the wrong side of the road, dress up as Queen's Guards and Beefeaters, fly on rainbows and, most frightening of all, compete in synchronized diving.

We give Wenlock and Mandeville a hard time because, well, they're weird-looking, mute cycloptic blobs with arms and legs that are barely discernible. But the video isn't bad at all. (You'll notice the creators wisely downplayed the mascots in the clip, which was aimed toward children.)

Iran has yet to complain about the video, but there are almost certainly parallels between the hurdler falling and the collapse of the Zand dynasty in the 18th century. And if you jumble up all the letters of the names of the featured athletes, you can spell "zion." If the nation follows the same timetable it used in criticizing the Olympic logo, expect a strongly-worded letter to hit Jacques Rogge's desk in 2015.

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