Londoners unhappy over cost of beer at Olympics

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

The 2012 Summer Olympics organizers have released prices for food and drinks. Not shockingly, the prices are higher than at usual sporting events held in London, and some people planning to go to the Games are not happy.

A pint of Heineken will cost 7.23 pounds or just over $11. Tweets complained that the price was "a shocker." Another said, "I'm going to need a credit card to pay for that!!"

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Paul Deighton, chief executive of London 2012, said prices are right in line with other major sporting events.

"We believe that our prices are more than comparable to those found at other major sporting events, which because of their temporary nature are often more expensive than the high street," he said.

A beer at the Super Bowl in 2012 cost $11. However, beer at the World Cup in South Africa cost just over $3. But London is already a much more expensive place than Capetown or Johannesburg. It was ranked 21st in the world's most expensive cities on an 80-city list that didn't have any South African cities.

Do Londoners not know about pre-gaming? Perhaps this particular party trick is only used by broke American college students. In the interest of world peace, Fourth-Place Medal will share it with the world. Londoners, here's what you do. Start stocking up on beer and wine now. You know the prices will go up at stores when the Olympics start, so buy in bulk.

Before you head to equestrian or fencing or whatever Olympic event you are attending and would like to be lubed up for, drink some of that beer. Drink a lot of that beer. Get your fill, then only buy one of those fancy, expensive beers at the arena.

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