Londoner selling bags making fun of a ‘fat American family’

Though the Olympics are a global, meaningful party meant to bring the youth of the world together, they can also be a big pain for residents of a host city who just want to go about their day. One London company looked at the various difficulties that the Olympics bring, and decided to take out their frustration on the Americans who are coming to spend money in their town.

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Ouch! The bags, at right, read, "I'm renting my flat to a fat American family." Why does it got to be like that, London? I thought we were friends. True, 37 percent of American adults are obese, but over a quarter of Brits are, too. Those in glass flats shouldn't throw stones.

Sold by Maiden online and in London stores, the bag is part of a series of items meant to commemorate "a certain event taking place in East London this year." The other bags read, "It only took me three hours to get to work this morning," and "they're all on steroids."

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It's the latest attempt by a clever London business to skirt the International Olympic Committee's rules on branding and sponsorships. A formalwear shop used creative misspellings to refer to the Olympics while not really referring to the Olympics.

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