London officials: Olympic sites were target for rioters

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

Last week's riots in London spread fears in Olympic fans. With the Games less than a year away, is their security ready for such a test? China even jumped into question London's readiness, kindly offering their facilities that have sat mostly dormant since the 2008 Olympics.

But London police did keep Olympic sites safe. They paid special attention locations that will be used during the Olympics after finding out via Blackberry Messenger and Twitter that those sites were targeted by rioters and looters.

"We were able to secure all those places and indeed there was no damage at any of them," she said, according to London's Evening Standard newspaper.

Police and politicians claim young criminals used Twitter and Blackberry's simple and largely cost-free messaging service to coordinate looting sprees during the riots.

It's good that people who are dumb enough to riot and loot are just that: dumb. They used unsecured, easy-to-monitor platforms to communicate, which made it easier for police to find out their plans.

If such violence breaks out next summer, when the whole world has their eyes on London, let's hope that the criminals are just as stupid as they were this summer.

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