London cabbie will turn his taxi into hotel during Olympics

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

What do you call a taxi cab that doubles as an Olympic hotel room? That's not the setup to a joke, I'm legitimately asking. Because London cabbie David Weekes is converting his Hackney carriage into a room on wheels during next month's Summer Games and it seems like he could use a clever name.

For the low price of £50 (approx. $77), you can stay in the roomy taxi. It comes equipped with a bed, sheets from the official Olympic store, a lamp, alarm clock, a small Paddington Bear to keep you company and an iPad to stay up on all the posts at Fourth-Place Medal. There's also a mini-fridge included, which makes it nicer than the last three regular hotel rooms I've stayed in. Are London cabs like New York ones? Because, if so, then I assume there's also a TV  monitor featuring an endless loop of the British equivalent of Regis Philbin telling you to buckle up.

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Guests can choose to either stay parked outside Weekes' North London house or another legal spot in the city. They would have access to the hotel-taxi during the time in between Weekes' daily shifts.

The Hackney carriage driver told the Telegraph that he came up with the idea because of an expected drop in revenues during the Olympics. Cabs won't be allowed to use special Olympic access lanes, which should lead to more traffic and fewer pickup opportunities.

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