Lolo Jones shows off her backside -- uh, bobsled uniform

Fourth-Place Medal

Breaking bobsled news: Lolo Jones just shared a booty-ful — uh, we mean beautiful — photo and proved, once again, she can heat up social media like no other two-sport Olympian.

Followed by this:

 The 31-year-old track-and-field star — who rose to fame after hurdling (but not medaling) in Beijing and London, and recently qualified for a spot on Team USA's Sochi sled — posed in her svelte new uniform with teammate Jamie Greubel. The bobsledders’ black bodysuits are aerodynamic and, by nature, extremely tight.

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Cue the Internet's collective crush:




And the Instagram snap went viral:

Of course, with great web fame comes great controversy. Jones’ prolific Twitter feed, a candid stream of consciousness, periodically draws media attention. She told the world about her decision to remain a virgin until marriage. She agreed to go on a date with a random follower. She caught flack for criticizing a fan who dressed like her for Halloween.

And, most recently, veteran bobsledders who didn’t win a spot on the Sochi team claimed Jones’ celebrity — not her athletic prowess — gave her the edge.

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"I should have been working harder on gaining Twitter followers than gaining muscle mass," Emily Azevedo, one of three women fighting for the final spot on the U.S. women's bobsled team, told USA Today Sports.

"I feel this year there was a certain agenda," Katie Eberling, the other athlete who was vying for Jones’ spot, told the paper. Eberling ultimately was named an alternate for the team."It's no fault of my teammates. There's been a lot of inconsistencies and that makes you wonder what's going on. It's not right."

Jones, who started her Olympic career in track and field, was a favorite to win gold in 100-meter hurdles at the Beijing Olympics but finished seventh after stumbling. She finished fourth in the same event at the London Games in 2012. That year, she joined the U.S. bobsled team.

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