Lolo Jones said a dirty word that made Louis C.K. blush (VIDEO)

Chris Chase

Hurdler-virgin Lolo Jones was on "The Tonight Show" on Monday to talk about hurdling and virginity, and the conversation quickly turned to Tim Tebow, as these things tend to do.

But first, Lolo said a word so dirty it made raunchy comedian Louis C.K. do a double take. She was responding to a question about Twitter when she dropped the bleeped word. It's so dirty I don't know if I can even allude to it. But since it's not immediately obvious which word she says, here's a hint: It sort of sounds like the past tense of tweet.

Lolo then said she wants to take Tebow to church.

Even if her comedy stylings fell a little flat, Lolo Jones deserves credit for her marketing prowess in the lead-up to London. She could have just been that girl who fell from Beijing and was the subject of an NBC puff piece on the first day of the hurdles competition. Instead, she's become a star because of Twitter and her celebration of her personal decision-making.

Her hurdling talents aren't bad either. Jones qualified third for the U.S. team in the 100m hurdles.

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