Lolo Jones has earned $741.84 bobsledding

How much have you earned at your job the last seven months?

Chances are, it's more than Lolo Jones. Yeah, that Lolo Jones.

As you may know, the track star has turned to bobsledding and, well, turns out pushing a sled down a hill doesn't pay as much as, well, anything. Not slinging burgers. Not digging ditches. Not folding T-shirts at The Gap. Not even collecting unemployment.

Seven months of bobsledding has earned Ms. Jones a grand total of $741.84. That's $105.97 a month. Here's the proof:

So what's the lesson to be learned? Don't get into bobsledding.

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UPDATE: Turns out Lolo's admission isn't sitting well with some of her bobsledding peers:

"It wasn’t taken very well," American bobsledder Steven Holcomb told USA Today. "People were really kind of insulted. You just made $741, more than most athletes in the sport. So what are you complaining about?"

Lolo responded with the following statement:

"I don't want to offend anyone, and I’ve always wanted to help out my bobsled teammates. Some of them have debt because they've given their life to the sport. My partner Jazmine and I had to raise money for the bobsled to be funded just to finish the season, because only 2 of the 3 sleds are funded by the team.


"I can't imagine halfway through my track season having to stop and raise money to finish. The vine of the paycheck is just showing the difference between track and bobsled, and to be honest bobsledders work more hours than track! The bottom line is that all Olympic athletes dedicate their lives to their sports and do not receive lucrative paychecks like athletes in mainstream professional sports. So hopefully this will make people appreciate just how hard Olympians work, often just for the love of the sport."

Bottom line, Holcomb can be ticked, but until Lolo's Vine no one knew how paltry a paycheck he was earning.