Let the games begin with ... women's soccer?

All of the anticipation, planning, protests, talk of boycott, lack of boycott, Steven Speilberg boycott, smog, no smog, smog again, marketing, lawsuits, drug tests, injuries, commercials, magazine covers and interviews have led us to the start of the first Olympic event, Argentina vs. Canada in women's soccer at 5 a.m. ET.

Wait, what? That's the best the Olympic movement can do? Two teams who have a slim shot at winning a medal are kicking off the 29th Olympiad? A sport that didn't enter the Olympics until 1996? Where's the tradition and the pageantry? Do any of the players have a one-legged dog who was run over by a car bringing their mother home from the hospital while dad was working three jobs? Are these athletes doped up? Wearing masks? Talking bad about their teammates? Anything interesting about these teams? Well, Canada is playing in their first Olympics, and Argentia qualified for the games by beating Brazil for the first time ever. I guess we'll just have to actually sit and enjoy the game. The spectacle can wait.

Photo via Getty Images

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