Julia Lipnitskaia needs to go full 'Kill Bill' for maximum skating cool

The Russian figure skater stumbled midway through her performance and sits in fifth place.

The women's ice skating gold medal remained up in the air heading into Thursday's free skating finals. One of the shockers of Wednesday's short program was the fact that Russian darling Julia Lipnitskaia fell during a triple jump and plummeted to fifth.

Perhaps it was nerves. Perhaps it was pressure trying to salvage an entire nation's pride in the wake of a devastating hockey loss. We'd like to offer a different theory: she's skating to the wrong music, with the wrong costume.

Look, "Schindler's List" music and traditional costumes are all very nice and all. But if she's going to win, she's got to pull a trick out of her own past: skating to music from Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill," in full Beatrix Kiddo bodysuit, from last year in Canada:

[H/T Reddit]

Here, for comparison, is Uma Thurman in "Kill Bill":

Yep, if Julia skates with a samurai sword, this could be a whole new Olympics.

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