Johnny Weir is his own man, and he should be

Big ups to Johnny Weir. In the face of badgering from HBO Real Sports' Frank Deford about the femininity that he brings to men's figuring skating, Weir responds thoughtfully, reflectively, and humorously to the assertion that "men's figure skating should be more butch." Check it out.

"I am an effeminate person ... but in no way does that make me less macho." Right on.

Yeah, Weir's costumes and performances are over-the-top, but that's who he is. He'll put on some crazy hats and karaoke Carrie Underwood because he likes crazy hats and Carrie Underwood. If that loses him some fans, so be it. But him staying true to himself certainly endears him to audiences around the world.

And he ends with an excellent zinger. That's a sure-fire way to win people over.

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