Johnny Weir: a fascinating 'Fallen Angel'

Love him or hate him, Johnny Weir just may be the most fascinating person to hit men's figure in years. Here are some things you may not know about the U.S. figure skater

• Though Weir is known more for his artistry, he is still a capable jumper and can even throw a quad jump. He threw one in practice Monday, and is considering it for his short program Tuesday night.

• In Vancouver, he is staying with ice dancer Tanith Belbin in the Olympic Village, in what she called "the best smelling room in the village." Weir brought candles, bathmats and a poster of Lady Gaga to personalize the apartment.

• He is fascinated with Russian culture, speaks the language fluently, and has Russian coaches, but says he is above all proud to be an American.

• After Comedy Central talk show host Stephen Colbert said that Weir was "dependent on fabulousness," Weir said that he agreed and considered sending a costume for Colbert to wear on air.

• His free skate is titled "Fallen Angel" and is based on the past year of his life.

• Weir didn't start skating until he was 12 years old – ancient when you consider that there are Olympian figure skaters in their teens – but he showed promise early on.

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