Johnny Weir announces he is no longer with his husband

Martin Rogers
Johnny Weir and his then husband Victor Voronov together during an interview with Yahoo Sports in 2013.

It took just a few weeks after the end of the Winter Olympics for figure skater-turned-analyst-turned-media-sensation Johnny Weir to be back in the spotlight.

This time, sadly, it is for something other than his flamboyant nature, outrageous fashion sense or provocative commentary.

Weir announced via Twitter on Wednesday that he is splitting from his husband, Victor Weir-Voronov, whom he wed in December 2011.

The two-time Olympian also changed his name back to just "Weir" as opposed to "Weir-Voronov" on his Twitter account.

Weir competed at the 2006 and 2010 Olympics, where he failed to medal but gained an army of international fans. However, he arguably made an even bigger impact in Sochi last month, where his NBC commentary alongside Tara Lipinski was often hilarious and widely well-received.

When Weir and his husband were interviewed by Yahoo Sports last year to discuss gay rights in Russia ahead of the Olympics they appeared to be a picture of happiness and spoke touchingly of their mutual affection.

However, earlier this month the pair appeared in a New Jersey court after Voronov had allegedly filed a complaint that Weir had bitten him during a domestic dispute early this year, according to RadarOnline. The case was dismissed at Voronov’s request.

The couple lived together in New Jersey and were regulars on the New York social scene, where Voronov, a Georgetown graduate, works as a successful lawyer.

Yahoo Sports interview with Johnny Weir:


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