Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski to cover Oscars fashion

Can’t get enough of Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski? Well, don’t worry, because they’ll be back on the small screen to critique fashion "Access Hollywood" at the Oscars next week.

Lipinski, the 1998 figure skating gold medalist, and Weir, a two-time Olympian, were rookies when they came to the Sochi Games as commentators for the ice skating events, but they appeared on-air as veterans, continuously praised for their clarity and chemistry.

"I don't think we clearly grasped how we've done because we weren't able to watch it as a broadcast," Weir told USA Today Sports. "But I think for us, it was a dream. We had a lot of fun, we enjoyed each other, we found a rhythm, we found who we will be as broadcasters and we'll only get better.

"I think that's all we were expecting, and everything else is beautiful, beautiful whipped topping."

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Viewers tuned in not only for the duo’s candor and knowledge of the sport but also for their fashion statement. One day, Weir wore a traditional Ukrainian braid in support of the people protesting in Kiev.

"People were tuning into a cable network and spending an entire event with us. They were sneaking us at work," said Weir, adding that the pair hopes to be commentating on the Olympics for a long time to come. "That's our biggest thrill, that people decided to spend their time with us and to hear figure skating from us and let us teach them what we know."

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