Jessica Hardy's web site could use a stimulant . . . perhaps of the banned variety

The official website of disgraced swimmer Jessica Hardy,, has been offline since reports of her positive drug test first surfaced on Wednesday. This is a predictable, if guilty-looking move.

Far worse is the fact that Hardy's official fan page, also appears to have been shuttered in the wake of the positive test. It's one thing to do some preemptive damage control on your own site. But to have your fans bail at the first sign of trouble? Now, that's cold.

Wouldn't you think that somebody who liked Jessica Hardy enough to make a webpage about her would grant her the benefit of the doubt? Doesn't being a fan give you the right to make irrational defenses of your favorite athletes and allow you to support them even after their transgressions are known?

Shoot, I have a friend from San Francisco who legitimately believes that Barry Bonds never juiced. And I saw a dude walking down the street wearing a Michael Vick jersey yesterday.

Come on, Jessica Hardy fans. Support your girl, at least until she comes up with a flimsy excuse to defend herself.

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