Jemma The Psychic Russian Raccoon picks China to win London Olympics medal count (VIDEO)

LONDON — Championship sporting events have always been a boon to the psychic animal community, allowing them to use their powers for something other than predicting which young child would next bother them at the zoo.

There was Paul the Oracle Octopus, who predicted the outcome of all seven Germany matches and the World Cup final in South Africa by picking food out of flag-colored bags. There was Maggie The Monkey, who used to spin a wheel on Canadian television to pick the winners of Stanley Cup Playoff games.

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For the London 2012 Games, it's Jemma the Psychic Russian Raccoon's time to shine.

Jemma, a resident of the Tula Zoo, was placed on a chair with four small buns in front of her, each one representing a different nation. Her prediction for the country with the most medals at the London Games? Let's just say it'll make Dong Dong happy:

Said a zoo worker in that enlightening clip:

"Our Jemma has decided that this time the winner of the overall medal count will be China. Jemma has picked Russia for second place.

"We'll see if it turns out to be true. But actually, judging by the Euro 2012, we can say that the accuracy of her predictions is almost 100 percent."

As the Daily Mail notes, Jemma correctly predicted Spain to win the European soccer title in June.

China winning the medal count is feasible; but she picked Russia over the U.S. for second overall, which smells of the kind of homerism usually reserved for BBC commentators during swimming events.

Wonder if America's Flying Squirrel would like to have a word with Russia's Psychic Raccoon …

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