Japadog could be the solution to VANOC's problems

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — For all the talk about aboriginal heritage and French culture at the 2010 Winter Olympics, very little has been said about the actual demographic reality of the city of Vancouver.

It’s almost 50 percent Asian and South Asian. Some in those communities are now saying they’re upset that reality wasn’t reflected in the Opening Ceremony.

But the truth is that organizers have done little by way of outreach into ethnic groups over the past seven years. When people criticize this organizing committee, it usually listens and finds a solution. That's one of its strengths.

So, how about this: Instead of plying fans with the same old hot dogs and potato wedges at the venues, hire Japadog.

It’s a small company started by a Japanese man who came to Canada in 2005. He wanted to sell crepes, but when the city wouldn’t let him do that, he turned to hot dogs instead, covered with Japanese toppings.

Considering people will wait like an hour for these things, the Olympic tie-in is obvious: Line up for your venue, place a hot dog order, and by the time you get past security, it's ready!

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