Jan Laco and the butt-check of the 2014 Olympic hockey tournament

Jan Laco 1

SOCHI, Russia –  Jan Laco, the third-string goalie for the Slovakian ice hockey team, was facing the Russians on Sunday in the Olympic tournament prelims. In Russia. After they lost to the USA. Scary stuff.

But he held his own, making 36 saves before finally losing in the shootout. And in one sequence, he showed a different side to his game -- his backside.

Watch the full play here in GIF form here or follow along in the screen caps:

Here's Laco, playing the puck behind his own goal and WHOOPS … it went right past him. Oh great, here's Alexei Tereshenko is trying to get to it first. Think, Jan, think!

Did Laco use his massive gloves to impede his progress? No. Did he chop him down with his stick, at the risk of taking a penalty? No. Clearly, there was only one way out of this jam …


Finally, all those hours spent twerking by his locker to Lil Jon songs rather than practicing his puck handling has paid off.

We imagine Jan Laco saying, at this point: “Taste the boards, interloper, and forever fear the power of my hindquarters!”

In the end, Laco held the Russians scoreless through three periods and overtime, before losing in the shootout. Obviously, he wasn't using his strong side to block the shots. Maybe he'll turn around and face the net in the qualification round, against the Czechs on Tuesday. We're sure they’d like a crack.