I've got a fever -- and the only prescription is more Bela!

If you haven't seen NBC's video of Bela Karolyi excitedly watching the American gymnasts perform in Beijing, drop whatever it is you're doing and watch this clip before it gets taken down. If you already saw this last night, I'm sure you've already hit play to watch it again.

Video courtesy Awful Announcing

The highlight, for me, is after Liukin completes her final tumbling pass (with Bela muttering "she is going to be the champion" over and over), Bela turns to Bob Costas and looks like he wants to wrap him in a giant bear hug to celebrate. But Bela pauses mid-hug, almost seeming to remember that the diminutive one doesn't like be touched. Bela deliberates for a split second and then goes in for the love anyway.

NBC's next act should be playing audio of Bela and Bob talking during commercials. I don't know what they'd possibly talk about, but I'm sure it'd be a whole lot more interesting than synchronized diving.

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