Incredible photo finish for women’s triathlon gold in London Olympics (PHOTO)

Fourth-Place Medal

LONDON — Nicola Spirig of Switzerland and Lisa Norden of Sweden swam 1,500 meters in Hyde Park's Serpentine, biked seven laps in a 43km (26.7 miles) race and then ran 10km to the finish of the Olympic women's triathlon.

Fifty-nine minutes and 48 seconds after it started, the two raced to the finish line of the arduous course around Hyde Park on Saturday — and they broke the tape at the same time.

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The photo above is what the judges used to determine the victor — in the end, it was Spirig who won gold with Norden taking silver.

"I did not want me to trust my feelings, but really listen to something from the officials. I had my way or the other got a medal, but it's obviously a big difference whether it is gold or not," said Spirig, via

Spirig's winning margin? Less than 15 centimeters (5.9 inches), according to officials. Remember when they used to determine winners without the benefit of digital photography? Neither do we.

"I have not yet realized. It's amazing I'm speechless," said Spirig.

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Erin Densham of Australia won the bronze medal, finishing two seconds back. Local favorite Helen Jenkins of Britain was fifth.

The women's triathlon final was a chaotic one at times, with several competitors wiping out on a slick road surface during the cycling phase.

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