How the NFL and recycled water bottles inspired Nike in creating Team USA's uniforms

Fourth-Place Medal

The NFL season may be over — sorry, Denver fans — but some of the league's inspiration will be evident in the gear the United States sports at the Sochi Olympics starting this week.

In these Yahoo Sports clips, Nike designers reveal how they devised the athletes' uniforms. In the case of the gloves, Nike took inspiration from NFL wide receivers who flash team logos on the palms of their gloves. The gloves also allow for texting in the apparently unlikely event that it's too cold to take off your gloves in Sochi.

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In this next clip, check out the secret ingredient that makes up Team USA jerseys:

Yep, 17 recycled water bottles per jersey. Drink water, friends, your country needs sweaters! Finally, let's check out the fancy jackets Team USA will be wearing while hanging around the Sochi village.

Thanks to Nike and AXA for assistance in these videos. Many more to come.

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