How BMW helped design, refine Team USA's bobsleds

Let's be honest: for most of us, sledding is a go-fast-and-hang-on exercise in avoiding trees. We have no more concept of how bobsledding works than someone sitting in a traffic jam can compare themselves to a 200-mph NASCAR driver. But bobsledding is a sport of precision, timing, and physics, and in this video, Yahoo Sports shows you how BMW Designworks USA crafted the six two-man sleds that Team USA will use in Sochi.

Bobsledding at the Olympic level is about efficiency, both in conservation of energy and in preservation of momentum. Engineers spent two years refining the most precise body designs to arrive at the current model, which can stand up to stresses both in the curves and in the straightaways of the bobsled track.

Bobsled events in Sochi will begin Feb. 16 and run through the 23rd.

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