Hannah Kearney is getting her own ice cream flavor

Aside from international fame, respect from your peers, and the undying support of your country, the best thing about winning a gold medal is the perks. You know, endorsements, tons of free stuff, things like that. It's a pretty sweet deal.

But the best of the perks? Your own ice cream flavor. Just ask Hannah Kearney. Like fellow Vermont-born gold medalist Hannah Teter, women's moguls champion Hannah Kearney will be getting her own custom flavor from Ben and Jerry's. I'm jealous.

Reports state that the flavor will be some combination of coffee ice cream and cookies, which is Kearney's favorite. She's a mogulist, so it's expected to be pretty lumpy with a huge ribbon of flavor in the middle, then another at the end. Skiing zing!

No name has been officially given to Kearney's flavor, though a spokesman floated the possibility of "Kearney's Java Jolt Bolt & Cookies." It's not poetry, but it let's you know what you're getting in to. Upon the release of the flavor, Fourth-Place Medal will gladly provide a full hands-on review.

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