Gus Kenworthy is staying in Sochi longer than he planned to officially adopt five Sochi strays

Gus Kenworthy wasn’t kidding when he tweeted last week that he would do all he could to adopt and bring home several stray Sochi puppies. After winning silver in the slopestyle skiing, the 22-year-old Kenworthy was scheduled to return home to Colorado on Monday to celebrate his success with friends and family, but those plans were delayed.

According to 7 News in Denver, those plans took a detour when Kenworthy decided to stay a few extra days in Sochi to square away some paperwork in the process of adopting the four adorable puppies he tweeted about. He also plans to take their mother back home to Colorado as well.

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Kenworthy has gotten plenty of positive attention for his decision to adopt the strays and even was tweeted at by Miley Cyrus on Sunday.

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Kenworthy isn’t the only American Olympic athlete who is taking a new pet back to the States from Sochi. Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis is bringing a new friend home with her, and now David Backes and some of the other American hockey players are looking to bring some dogs back to America as well.

Everyone loves puppies!

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