This is the greatest ticket-begging fan gimmick of London Olympics (PHOTO)

LONDON —The Olympic Park is where more than 200,000 fans per day watch events, buy London Games gear and do a lot of walking. But it's also where many fans attempt to swap their tickets for others, usually to watch their nation of choice battle for a medal (or because their nation of choice fell well short of one — hence the ticket dump).

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We're not sure why this man wants to swap his gold-medal women's basketball tickets. All we know is this is the greatest ticket-begging fan gimmick of the London Games:

In case you were wondering: Yes, that is a men's bathrobe Her Majesty is wearing.

Alas, we didn't get a chance to ask what exactly he's looking to swap for. It looks like "ATMs"; and while the London Games only have eight ATMs for 11 million fans, we don't believe any of them require a ticket.

Any guesses?

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