Great Olympic Events of Yore: 200-meter swimming obstacle race

Frederick Lane is known in many circles as the Australian Bo Jackson. Actually, it's only in my circle and it's not technically a circle, but go with me on this one.

In the 1900 Olympics, Lane completed a historic double, winning both the 200-meter freestyle and the 200-meter swimming obstacle race. The Australian is the only person in history to have achieved this prestigious feat, mainly because the obstacle race was the Carmelo Anthony of the aught-aught Olympiad: one-and-done.

The obstacle race took place in the River Siene and featured three different obstacles. First, competitors had to climb up and down a pole that may or may not have been placed there on Festivus. Next, they negotiated their way over a number of boats, which was followed by another set of boats that they had to swim under. Even though the event clearly favored firemen/barnacle scrubbers, Lane won in a time of 2:38.4.

His time is particularly interesting since it was only 13 seconds slower than his winning time in the normal, unimpeded 200-meter freestyle. This must mean that climbing up and down a pole doesn't take as long as I thought. Where's Pacman Adam Jones when you need him?