Gracie Gold responds to California teenager who asked her to prom with a YouTube video

Kevin Kaduk
Fourth-Place Medal

Gracie Gold is coming back to the United States and she's sure to be met with a wealth of opportunities. 

Among them: A California teenager named Dyer Pettijohn is wondering if the 18-year-old American figure skater will be his date to prom this spring. Pettijohn went through the trouble of making an intricate YouTube video to get his request to Gold, who finished fourth in the women's figure skating competition last week.  (She's not the only Olympian getting such proposals. Here's a young fellow who's hoping Ashley Wagner will go to his prom and we assume it's just a matter of time before Mikaela Shiffrin and Polina Edmunds get similar inquiries.)

Pettijohn, who reminds us of a genial Johnny Lawrence of Cobra Kai fame, seems to have a lot going for him. He's confident, he's well-spoken and he's from Malibu, a nice quiet beachfront community where we're sure his family draws a lot of water. Since Gold is now living and training in Southern California, it seems like it wouldn't be much for her to say 'yes' to a corsage, a limo ride and some posed pictures. 

So whaddya say, Gracie? 

So is that an affirmative? Gold isn't saying just yet.

However, if Pettijohn is banking on the fact that she'll say yes because he thinks she didn't have a "normal" high school experience, we have some bad news. Gold, who is finishing her high school diploma through online courses with the University of Missouri, has been to her prom before.

Then again, how could she say no to Pettijohn? Not only did he come strong with his request, but he made it quick and is at the front of the line. A little pub on Yahoo's Fourth-Place Medal can't hurt, either. 

Now we all wait to see if he truly stuck the landing. 

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