Good luck getting anywhere in Vancouver

As you can imagine, hosting an Olympic games is a massive headache for the city in which they take place. Hundreds of thousands of fans, media, and athletes descend upon the city for weeks at a time. There is even a city built inside the city for the athletes. Xzibit would be proud. Because of all this, drastic measures are often taken.

In Vancouver, that means the closure of three major roads, in an effort to reduce traffic by 30 percent. Oh, and it's going to make it pretty hard to get around the city.

"I think people will see a very different city in terms of being able to move around as we get ready for the opening ceremonies," Dale Bracewell, a City of Vancouver engineer, told CTV News.

I bet you're right, Dale.

Organizers are hoping that commuters will use public transportation, walk, or bike rather than hopping in their cars when heading in to Vancouver. That shouldn't be a problem considering it's 40 degrees F (4 C) and there is no snow anywhere.

Says Bracewell, "It's really important that we host the world well and allow everyone to move around."

Except, apparently, Vancouverites.

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