Good-bye, Vancouver! Flatt, Nagasu head home

U.S. figure skaters Rachael Flatt and Mirai Nagasu loved the Opening Ceremony, picking up their gear, getting their practice in, and meeting with the media. Now they're on their way home. Thanks for the memories, Vancouver!

The women's figure skating competition doesn't begin until next week, so both young ladies made the prudent decision to go home between their early Olympic obligations and their competition. This was in part to give the women focused time with their coaches on their own ice, but the skaters had another concern.

They're both teenagers, and homework piles up when they miss school.

“I’m still trying to juggle my schoolwork with the Olympics, so it hasn’t been that easy,” said Flatt, who won the national championship last month. “I can’t wait to get back here, so I can focus on the competition.”

Flatt is in Advanced Placement classes in physics, chemistry, French and English while also preparing for the Olympics.

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