Gold medalist consoles sister's loss before celebrating her own win

German skier Maria Riesch (pictured on the right) won two gold medals in Vancouver, including one Friday in the slalom. An accomplishment like that is worth celebrating, right?

Right, unless your sister crashed in the same race.

Maria's sister, Susanne, was a contender for the medal stand after the first run, but crashed and earned a "did not finish" for the race overall.

"It was a strange feeling,” Riesch told reporters. ... "This is the greatest day of my life and, at the same time, my sister’s world is falling apart. I felt so sorry for her, I had to console her."

When Maria finished her race, instead of celebrating, she went straight to hug her sister, who was distraught over the crash.

The Riesch parents were in a similarly tough position, watching one daughter take gold and watching the other crash.

“It was tough for them, too,” Riesch said.

Maria made a classy and sisterly move in stifling her celebration, though she has plenty to celebrate. Her achievement of two gold medals eclipses not only her sister's but the medal haul of her good friend Lindsey Vonn, who won a gold and a bronze in Vancouver.

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