Gold medal winners for worst Olympic badge photos

Until now, DMV photos and police mug shots were considered the worst examples of portraiture (along with Joe Klamar's portraits of U.S. Olympians).

But the Olympic badge photograph is making a good case for worst photo, and the attractive, photogenic people known as Internet bloggers have begun castigating them. We highlight our favorite comments:

Michael Phelps: It looks like he was arrested for a DUI, according to Reddit. Another site commented of the swimmer, "Give this man a comb."

Sweden's Linda Sembrant: The soccer player looks shocked she actually made it to the Olympics!

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Slovakia's Daniela Hantuchova: Check out the tennis star's gorgeous hair, perfect makeup and hint of nudity. It's like she thinks it's a modeling shoot. (actually, this look kinda works)

Russia's Maria Kirilenko: She's straight out of a Russian spy movie. Someone should tell this tennis player the Cold War's over.

Cyprus' Marcos Baghdatis: Yet another tennis player with a questionable photo. He's the picture of an armed robbery suspect, says a Reddit commenter.

As long as people drive, get arrested, or compete in international athletic competitions, there will be lousy ID pictures; and as long as there's an Internet, there will be a place to mock those funny photos.

By Scott Bridges/Pauline Vu

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