Game worn jerseys have nothing on Michael Phelps-used Speedos

After etching his name in Olympic history by becoming the winningest gold medal athlete, Phelps-Mania is sweeping the land. If you need proof of this phenomenon, look no further than Ebay. For it is on Ebay where you can purchase an event-worn Michael Phelps Speedo, signed by the man himself:

I worked on a TV show back in 2004 and was asked to help with one of the shows which included a bunch of Olympic gold medalist performing in the contestants "challenges"... Anyways, at the end of his meet he came out of the locker room where I was standing and he had this wet speedo in his hand and gave it to a joking way...because he didn't want to have to carry it around all afternoon. When they dried I had him sign it...hung out with him the rest of the day and I am with a Speedo he wore and signed.

Never washed or altered... you are bidding on an orginial Michael Phelps, signed and worn, Speedo.

He is expected to win almost all of the swimming/aquatic gold medals set for this years Olympic games!!!!!!!!!

Bring home the Gold Michael!!!!

Please bid with TOTAL confidence. This is a GREAT COLLECTORS ITEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for any fan it doesn't get better than this...worn and signed by him.

Look, I'm all for celebrating Phelps' amazing athletic achievements, but a used Speedo? It's not that I think he has, you know, diseases, but what would an outsider say when he or she comes inside my home for the first time and sees a Speedo on display? And then I inform them it's been worn by another man. At that point, I'm just the crazy creep with another man's undergarments on my wall.

As of this typing, the bidding is at $112. And you thought your neighbor was crazy for searching online for LeBron James game-worn underwear. Sheesh.

Photo courtesy of Ebay user dramachic14

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