Frozen medal stand: I believe this man is a fan of Team Canada

Many American NHL fans hate Sidney Crosby, and they're finding that hate is transferrable when Crosby puts on a Canadian sweater. (The 700 Level)

Our friends at Puck Daddy make 20 bold predictions about Olympic men's hockey. (Puck Daddy)

NBC's ratings so far have been solid; they beat the Daytona 500 with yesterday's exciting Nordic combined race where the U.S. broke their medal drought. (Sports Business Journal)

U.S. snowboarders are surprised by their popularity in Vancouver. (Chicago Tribune)

A compilation of the best goals in hockey from Sunday. Consider that the U.S. scored 12 in their rout of China, they had quite a few goals to choose from. (NBC)

The Olympics completely overshadowed the NBA's All-Star Weekend. Considering that NBA athletes make way more money and usually get much more publicity than your average Olympian, that's OK. (NYaT)

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