Former Canadian Olympic goalkeeper hopes T.J. Oshie's performance erases memories of the Olympics most infamous shootout goal

In the 1994 Winter Olympics, Sweden’s Peter Forsberg scored a one-handed shootout goal that ultimately won the Swedish the gold medal. The move was called the “Forsberg move” and it’s still emulated by several players today. Many consider the goal the greatest in Olympic hockey.

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But after watching Oshie score 4-of-6 penalty shots against Russia’s Sergei Bobrovsky, Hirsch thinks it’s time to pass his unenviable place in Olympic history to his Russian comrade.

Good try, Corey.

While Oshie’s goal was memorable and his effort will be considered one of the greatest shootout performances of all-time, it didn’t win the United States the gold medal and it Oshie’s move certainly didn’t earn a place as a signature move.

No, Corey, you will, unfortunately, always be synonymous with that goal and even the Swedish postage stamp that followed it.

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Even if Oshie has captivated the world, Canadians will never forget.

Here’s the goal in case you need a reminder:

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