The Federated States of Micronesia have never looked so good

There were two groups of performers that impressed me throughout the Opening Ceremony that I thought deserved a little more attention. First, the placard carriers for each country were tremendous. None of them ever seemed to break stride, their form was impeccable all the way around the track. Their dresses made them look as if they had just stepped off the runway. I am convinced each one of those women could have won the Miss China competition. In comparison, the flag carriers from each country seemed to struggle at times while holding their respective flags.

The second group of people that really caught my eye were the cheerleaders who lined the perimeter of the track at the Bird's Nest. They never stopped moving. The whole night I kept thinking that at some point they would just drop because of exhaustion, but they never did. They would have made the Energizer bunny proud.

Granted, they were probably most excited when the Chinese team finally appeared at the end, but I never noticed much of a difference in their energy level throughout the night. They cheered just as hard at the beginning as they did at the end.

As Maggie pointed out, all the Chinese performers deserve another standing ovation for their efforts last night, but the placard carriers and the cheerleaders provided an extra boost to an already extraordinary evening.

Photo via Getty Images

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