Fan's goal-lamp hat can't handle Canada's scoring outburst

Your team scoring so many goals that your homemade goal-lamp hat burns out is a problem. But it's one of those "good problems." During Canada's victory over Russia on Wednesday, that's exactly what happened to superfan Dan Scarrow.

Even after replacing the batteries in his excellent head lamp, Scarrow excitedly told the Associated Press, "my light went out. Too many goals!" Tough break.

It's a good thing he's not a women's hockey fan. He'd have needed an entire power plant to get through Canada's game against Slovakia.

(Note: We're not entirely sure this handsome gentleman is Dan Scarrow, but there can't be that many working goal-lamp-hats in Vancouver. Plus, there are no pictures of the hat anywhere else. Either way, you get the idea — it's a hockey light on a guy's head.)

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