Exclusive: Nike commercial features Olympic runners in the buff

For the past 25 years Nike has been putting out some of the most memorable commercials on television. Those ads have run the gamut from understated to visually spectacular; A-list to no-list; deceptively simple to controversial. Now, Nike is stripping it all down to nothing. Literally.

The company's newest digital short features naked runners attending a fictional nudist running camp called Bear Butte. The runners all wear the Nike Free 5.0 running shoe and nothing else, the idea being that running with the Free 5.0's is like running barefoot (and bare other things too).

Here's the exclusive first-look at the ad. We must warn you that when we mean naked, we mean naked. There's a lot of front pixelation, but the backsides' of the runners are shown au naturel.

Assuming that, unlike me, you were looking at the runner's faces, you may recognize U.S. Olympians Nick Symmonds and Kara Goucher, both of whom appear in the ad.

In an email, Symmonds said that he didn't feel shy while shooting the commercial despite the whole being-naked thing. That's probably only because it wasn't cold outside.

The Nike Free 5.0's will be released worldwide in May. That commercial goes live today, which means that in a few hours at least one guy will be contacting Nike to ask how he can register to train with the naked ladies at Bear Butte.

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