Equestrian cross-country course could double as the best mini-golf course in the world

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

The London organizing committee has made several unique tributes to England over the course of the Olympics, but few are more fun than how the country's history and tradition were incorporated into the cross-country equestrian course. The gates horses must jump over are both tributes to Great Britain and the best mini-golf decorations ever created.
Saturn's rings! Though the riders are advised to move their horse over the rings, not the planet, imagine having to putt through the planet to the hole on the other side.

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The diamond gate is to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee. In America, it would be used to win a free putt-putt game. Get the ball through the Olympic rings? Free golf for life (or until the mini-golf course goes out of business).

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This gate has live flowers and real food. It would be the perfect snack station, and for those putt-putters out on their first date, flowers!

The final gate on the equestrian course is a horse shoe flanked by horses made out of recycled horse shoes. It's probably too lovely of a sculpture to be made into a putt-putt obstacle, but it would also be the perfect place for a final shot.

See more pictures of the gates at the Guardian.

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