Elite snowboarder makes 'miraculous' recovery after brain trauma

Snowboarder Kevin Pearce, who suffered a brain injury while training for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, has made an incredible recovery. After the injury in late December, Pearce was in critical condition. Just four months later, he is able to walk and talk without difficulty. He spoke with NBC's Tom Brokaw about his experience.

Pearce said watching the Olympics was difficult.

"That was quite hard for me, seeing how fun the half-pipe looked," Pearce said. From his hospital bed, he watched as U.S. snowboarder Shaun White won gold and Scotty Lago took home the bronze.

He also hopes that his ordeal doesn't keep children from trying snowboarding because it has brought him so much joy, and he wouldn't change anything about his career, even the accident. But what Pearce is most excited about are his plans to return to snowboarding as soon as he can.

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