A different way to support Team USA

Though Olympians are going for gold, the pursuit of the dream usually doesn't generate much green. Athletes who want their family, people who have supported them through the years of training, with them at the games usually have to find different ways to get them to Beijing. Sometimes, it's not even all that creative; they do what the average sorority does. They sell sponsorships and t-shirts.

If you want a creative way to help out the athletes, and get something in return, spend $20 on a t-shirt. You'll have something better to wear to the gym than your beer-stained college shirt.

- This tactic is incredibly popular incredible among wrestlers. The t-shirt pictured above supports Ben Askren, who will you will definitely hear more about as the games grow closer. You can also buy shirts to support Spenser Mango, the 18-year-old phenom Jake Deitchler, Henry Cejudo and Andy Hrovat-a real American hero.

- Tony Azevedo, one of the country's top water polo players, is sponsored by Mikasa, who is selling his "I Hate Swimming" shirts. I know the feeling, Tony. Of course, I am not a member of an Olympic water sport team, but I digress.

- Aretha Thurmond, a discus thrower and a new mom, has a t-shirt that says what she does: "Aretha Throws." Why buy her shirt? Because she competed three weeks after giving birth. If that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will.

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