Despite no medals, future looks bright for American pairs

The United States is not strong at pairs skating. Though the U.S. has won plenty of gold in men's and women's figure skating, when those two pair up, gold isn't the result. However, the performance by two teams in Vancouver give the U.S. reason to have hope that will change in the future.

Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig did exactly what every figure skater dreams of doing when they get to the Olympics: skate their best routine ever. They had a few small mistakes, but they also attained their personal best, beating their previous total score by almost 30 points.

Caydee Denney and Jeremy Barrett have been skating together for just 18 months, but they are clearly comfortable with each other. Though they had a few uncharacteristic mistakes, the two will continue to improve. Denney is just 16, and Barrett is 25. The experience of competing at the Olympics will serve them well as they continue to grow together as a team.

Many variables will have to work to keep these pairs together and competing for gold in Sochi, Russia, but if both pairs continue on this path, maybe the U.S. can look forward to medals in pairs, a place we're not used to seeing them.

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