Denver puts on dog Olympics in honor of the human ones

It seems that the people in Denver are really trying to get everyone involved in the Olympic spirit. Tomorrow they will be hosting the city's first-ever Doggy Olympics.

While many of the "events" are as simple as tail wagging or catching a tennis ball, there are a few creative challenges in the bunch:

Dunking for Dogs: The first dog to eat all 5 pieces of hot dog wins.

T.P. Dog Walk: Owners have to walk dogs with T.P. as a leash without ripping it.

Michael Jordan High Jump: Clearance over the highest point wins.

Babe Ruth Obedience Baseball: Owners run base to base with their dogs while tagging each base. Fastest time to tag home wins.

Jackie Joyner Kersee Fastest Quick Draw "Tongue": Who can empty the spoon of peanut butter the quickest?

Denver is not the first city to host such an event for our four legged friends, just the latest.

In fact, the Purina Dog Challenge occurs once a year and brings "dog athletes" together from all over the country.

After the jump, check out a cliip from last year's Challenge which includes a special cameo from "Coach" Jackie Joyner-Kersee

It's shaping up to be a pretty good month for dogs all over the world.

In Beijing, they are no longer being served as a meal; my only hope is that after the Olympics are over that policy remains the same.

Come on, how could you not love somebody like this?


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