'Deep Thoughts' with Apolo Anton Ohno

Noted philosopher Apolo Anton Ohno has been dropping truth bombs over on his Twitter account recently. For instance, "Dig deep to reach the unreachable," or the very Zen "Nothing happens until something moves." My personal favorite thus far is "Meditation, mental prep. Steam room." It's like a bizarro "Jersey Shore" mantra.

But it seems Apolo Anton Ohno has his own favorite quote, and it comes from a very familiar source — himself.

You might remember that quote from Ohno's 2007 Starbucks "The Way I See It" cup, but probably not. He likes what he said so much he repeated himself, just a few hours later.

So just to make things crystal clear, Apolo Anton Ohno quoted himself from a coffee cup. Then, just to make it clear he wasn't messing around, he repeated himself. Not cool.

What kind of dude quotes himself? That's like giving yourself a nickname.

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