Cypress Mountain will host ski events even if there is no snow

Hey Mother Nature, you can take your warm weather and incessant rain and go to Portland. Cypress Mountain is hosting its events whether (zing!) you snow or not. But if you did snow, that would be alright too. They need it.

As we know, there's no snow at the mountain. But things aren't getting any better. In fact, they're on pace to have their warmest January in history, with records stretching all the way back to 1937. But that's not stopping organizers who say they have no intention of switiching venues.

Instead, there have been workers working around the clock trying to salvage what snow they have left. So far 300 dump truck loads full of snow have been delivered from the top of the mountain down to the competition area. And yes, they're moving forward with the hay bales plan. Rather than a five foot base of snow, skiers and snowboarders will be competing on three feet of straw covered in two feet of snow.

Oh, but they've added an even more hilarious part of the master plan: fertilizer. Yep, bales of hay was pretty funny, but now, organizers are considering lining competition walls with fertilizers to maintain their integrity. Now you really don't want to crash.

To be fair, all Olympics have plans to deal with too much or too little snow. However, not all Olympic locations spend the month leading up to the Olympics with temperatures above freezing, then combat that problem with various farming supplies.

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