Curling is super intense, and here are the photos to prove it

Curling has begun at the Sochi Games and the world is rejoicing. There's almost nothing Olympic viewers (and people of the Internet) love more than curling stones coasting down the ice while people with brooms feverishly try to guide them.

While curling looks like a giant-sized game of shuffleboard, don't confuse it for a silly bar game. This is serious business. Just check out how intense E.J. Harnden of the Canadian curling team looked during his team's first match of the Olympics against Germany.

Serious. Business.

It's hard not to stare at him and envision one of two things: (1) Lasers shooting out of his eyes like Cyclops from X-Men. (2) Harnden scaring a convenience store owner into giving him a keg of beer, like Michael J. Fox in "Teen Wolf."

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