Create-a-caption: 'Trust me. You look great.'

U.S. figure skater Jeremy Barrett isn't quite sure what to think about his Ralph Lauren-designed Olympic garb. He's mostly perplexed by the white pants. But what, exactly, is he thinking? Best answer wins a tattersall shirt and matching ascot. Good luck.

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Gold, Magic32: "Bro! Mammoth will be rizzagin' with honeys, bro! Checklist: Shades on head? Check! Sweater over the shoulders? Check! Teeth whitener? Check! Kardashians will totally be on this, bro!"

Silver, Cursor: "Ski trendy. Ski with style. Ski with a sweater around your neck."

Bronze, Rob R: "This ensemble says, 'Yeah, I'm going skiing and deer hunting ... but I'm going to look good doing it.' "

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