Create-a-Caption: The Olympics will wear you out

My hope is that I don't look like this after a month of Olympic blogging.

This guy just looks exhausted.

This picture was taken in the Workers' Gymnasium in Beijing.

This worker's shoes are off but he's still got his bag hanging around his arm. If I had been this guy I would have at least lined up a row of chairs so that I could have slepped on my back.

As always put your caption ideas down below ...

After the jump you'll find a list of C-a-C winners from the last week.

First off, I'd like to personally acknowledge commenter "The SOS" who provided at least one caption idea for every picture. We need everybody to get involved this week.

Monday--Lisa Leslie keeps an eye out for Rick Mahorn

1st--The SOS

"We get new uniforms for the Olympics, right? A little less Richard Simmons, a little more Uncle Sam?"

Tuesday--The Olympic Mini Me

1st--The SOS

"One World, One Dream, Two Thumbs!"

Wednesday--The poster child of the Beijing Olympics


"Now let's see which country will help me fix my teeth..."

Thursday--Dwight Howard gets his FOB on

I'll let you guys decide ...

Friday--USA Basketball will leave you in awe


"While the older coaches discreetly watch the scantily-clad cheerleaders, one assistant can't help but express his pleasure."

Saturday--There are some interesting hairstyles in China


"Chinese dancers share a laugh as to dispel the pain from having their hair stretched across their scalps and poked with gigantic wooden needles."

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