Create-a-Caption: Olympic fans unite at Hooters Beijing

Nothing can bring the world together quite like the Olympic Games, but Hooters has always had a special unifying force of its own. Take this picture for example, which was snapped on Sunday night in Beijing during the U.S.A.-China men's basketball contest.

These two men were obviously looking a familiar place to watch the game, and settled on the most American restauarant they could find. They seem to have made a friend during their meal as well, in the form of their Chinese waitress, Cookie (seriously, I couldn't make that up, take a closer look at her name tag).

If Hooters isn't using this picture in its next ad-campaign, there's a problem. I can just see it now ... Hooters bringing the world together one wing at a time.

As always, put your best caption ideas down below.

After the jump, check out the winners from the last few days of C-a-C ...

Note all winners came from submissions that were fit to print

'I'm telling you Kobe, the tie is straight.'

1st--travis b

"Kobe Bryant, sans handlers in the green room, enlists the services of a young man from Cleveland for tie-straightening duties."

What words could describe this?


"Mr. Bush practices for his next job..."Official sun screen applicator"

'Put me on the big screen'


'Come on Laura, help me raise the roof.'

'You've got to HAND it to the President'


"Relax George, I've got your back."

Phelps first gold medal turns President inside-out


Laura: "Nice job, Dillweed."
Barbara: "Yeah, dad. Yale must be so proud..."

'Hey Michael, wanna make a trade?'

1st--you decide

'All right boys, let's beat China by 30'

no winner

'The USA is A-OK'


"OOOF! That puffer-fish-on-a-stick didn't go down so well!"

'Is that all you've got?'

1st--Lawrence D

'Nastia stop playing and turn the gravity back on'

Top Photo via Getty Images

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